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Selected Past Sales and Pictures

Huge Sale: Over 4,000 sq Feet - A Shopping Event!

An amazing hill top home valued at over 1.5 million: loaded with immaculate designer to casual furniture, decor and more. 

Furniture: Bed, End tables, Coffee Tables, Dressers, Dining Table and Chairs for 6. Many Mirrors. Wine Racks.  Accent Chairs and Tables. Book Cases. Out Door Furniture. Ottoman, Clothes hampers, Desk chair and pad,Curtain Rods, Floating Shelves  And More...

Lighting:  Floor Lamps, Desk Lamps, Table Lamps. Many styles and types. light bulbs too.So many lamps for your home.

Electronics: Sound Bar new, 3 Flat Screen TV's, Computer and monitor, Another computer Monitor, Shredder, DVD players, Clocks, Toaster Ovens, Margarita machine, Auto Martini Mixer,  Printers, Vacuums, Keurig Coffee Maker, Espresso Machine, Indoor and outdoor speakers. Tivo. Plant Growing Light Stands. Phones. Iphone and even an IPAD

Outdoors: John deer Riding Tractor, Leaf blowers, Hoses and hose boxes, Green House plant stands and growing stations, seedling trays, So many Pots.Chair cushions,  Numerous amazing Potted Plants, Fountain, Outdoor table and chairs, Compost bins, Gas Heat Lamp, Seedling and plant growing trays. Statues, Decorative Lanterns for candles. Gorgeous ceramic Tall Vase like pots. Dolly mover. Plant Stands. TOOLS! Solar lights. Hedge Trimmers, 

Kitchen, Bar and Dining: Lots of dining ware, Utensils, cooking Tools, Pots and pans, Ceramic cook ware, Glassware, Bar ware. Ice chests, Thermal Bags and drink cups. Waffle Iron, Paper towel racks, Utensil sets for dining, Spices and  watchers frozen items galore!. Storage containers,  Outdoor glasses. Margarita glasses and pitcher. It's here and there so much nice things. 

Decor: Vases, Artificial plants and flowers, Pottery, Art, Sculptures, Baskets, Glass Items, So Many Candles. Numerous area rugs, different styles,  Oh so Many decorative pillows,  Many wonderful items need a new home. So much more...

Collector Items:  Art, sculpture items,  Over 200, 2001 series Hot wheels Unopened. Dodger Baseball cap.

Entertainment:  Books (Including Coffee Table Books), DVD's, Ski's, Bar tools and goodies. Shot glasses, Candles and candle holders for inside and outside. Disco ball and light. Huge Telescope, Horse Shoe set game-Keg Chiller n server, Chia Pet!  100's of NEW cd's never opened.

Home items: Light bulbs, tools, cleaning supplies, artist canvas, Curtains and Curtain rods...

Emergency: 4 sets of emergency food storage, Propane tanks, 

Bathroom: Bathroom items, gift soaps, Towels, linens and more...

Holiday: Artificial 10 foot tree, wreaths, lights, 4 foot Christmas trees

More added: 

Open House Shopping Event. 1000's of Items and Furniture / Player Piano

Beautiful Furniture, Yamaha Piano Disklavier, Packed Kitchen, Packed House and Garage. Owners have collected a wide array of UNIQUE Items, Necessities, Collectibles, Art, Everyday Items,

  • Joe DiMaggio signed baseball and authenticity picture
  • watches - men’s and woman’s
  • cuff links and more jewelry 
  • more clocks
  • pin collections
  • NBC Olympic pins
  • NBC historic pins
  • Authentic Persian rug- 9 by 12
  • more books - some vintage 
  • more Disney goofy items 
  • golf items - sets of balls and designer ones
  • cedar chest
  • designer purses
  • suits and jackets 
  • vacuums
  • exercise equipment  
  • more decor pillows
  • Roy Rodgers pen 
  • Cameras 
  • Tables
  • Many Wreathes
  • A Lot Of Christmas Decor and trees
  • 6 Foot Santa
  • More Disney
  • Pens
  • Glasses
  • Jewelry-  (Avail Half Hour after Opening each day)
  • Bicycle Built For Two- Schwinn
  • Outdoor Metal Furniture and Decor
  • China Sets
  • Candles
  • More Kitchen Electronics and Kitchen Items
  • And More...


  • YAMAHA Piano, GP Disklavier Model DGC1, Like new and so beautiful
  • Oak Rocking Chair
  • Vintage Wood Chests
  • Beautiful Dining Room Table and Chairs, LEGENDS II
  • Kitchen Dining Table and Chairs
  •  4-5 Dressers
  • Night Stands
  • Beds/Frames
  • Media Cabinets
  • Childs Canopy Bed
  • HARDIN Master Bedroom Bed and Bedroom Set. See pictures.
  • Desks, Business to Unique
  • TV Cabinets, and one is So unique. Take a look.
  • Fire Place facade
  • Rattan Arm chair with Foot rest
  • Seating Benches
  • Outdoor Furniture
  • Leather Grand Arm Chair
  • Wing Back Chair
  • Bar Stools
  • Desk Chairs
  • Various Chairs of Wood to leather
  • Marble Topped Dining Room Server Cabinet
  • Many Clocks, from wall, to table, to Grandfather clocks
  • Vintage China Cabinet
  • Unique End Tables
  • Coffee Tables, wood, metal, and glass
  • Side Tables
  • Armoires
  • Storage Units
  • Lawyers Book Case with glass doors
  • Book Cases
  • And More...
  • Cook books older to new, Books. Novels, Business, Christian and More
  • CLOTHES - Woman, Baby, Child and Mens Suits and More
  • CD's
  • TV'S
  • Record Player
  • Printers
  • Speakers
  • Stereo Equipment
  • Silk Plants and a few real
  • Rugs, round, rectangles, and runners
  • Lots of Unique Christmas Decor

    Glass and Metals:

    • Silver Plate Serving Items
    • Gold dinner Ware
    • Lennox, China Dinner Set, Moonlight Wood
    • Silverware
    • Vases, Decanters, Glasses, and Bowls.
    • CLOCKS - So Many Clocks from Table to wall to Grandfather. INCLUDING Outdoor street Clock 9 feet tall.
    • Collectibles
    • Disney
    • Roosters
    • Christmas
    • Country
    • Records
    • Milk Glass
    • Goofy
    • Lladro
    • Dept 56
    • Precious Moments
    • Angels and Cupids
    • Figurines
    • Phones
    • Golf
    • NBC
    • Olympics
    • Pins
    • Jewelry
    • Model Cars
    • Model Planes
    • Games
    • Comforters
    • Stuffed Animals
    • Baseball Caps


    • Floor lamps
    • Various Salt Crystal Lamps
    • Table Lamps
    • Desk Lamps
    • Kitchen 
    • Mixers
    • Blenders
    • Glassware
    • So Many plate sets
    • Pitchers
    • Coffee Pots
    • Thermal Mugs
    • Plates, cups, saucers
    • Utensils, cookware, Lot to sort through
    • Pots, pans, and bake ware
    • Cookie Jars
    • Ironing Board
    • Electronics
    • Cutting Boards
    • Wood Serving bowls and more
    • Books
    • Candles
    • Sun Glasses
    • Electronic Candles
    • Candle Holders
    • Incline Hang Up
    • Comforters
    • DECOR And Art Prints
    • Bedding
    • Blankets
    • Bath and Kitchen Towels
    • Decorative Pillows 
    • Sleeping Pillows
    • Novelty Pillows
    • CLOCKS

    Packed Estate. Unique and Vintage Items /Clothes, Asian Art , Mid Century Furniture- and More!

    Full Unique Estate plus guest house - with Civil War Sterling, Asian Art, Pristine Mid Century Furniture, Books, Records, Collectibles, Stamps, Coins...More added each weekday! Generations of collecting,

    • Glass, Porcelain and Metals:

      Sterling from Civil War Plantation, and onward.

      Silver Plate Items


      Tea Cups 

      Brass and Glass Figurines

      Vases, Decanters, Glasses, and Bowls.

      Collectible Figurines

      Vintage glassware

      Asian Artifacts

      Carved Framed Figures

      Vintage and Older Prints and Paintings



      Vintage Hanging Lights

      Table Lamps,

      Antique Lamps

      Desk Lamps


      Large collection of prints

      Vintage posters

      Souvenir paper goods


      Collectibles and Unique Items


      Sound Scriber, Antique Record and Play your voice


      First Day Covers

      2 Antique Sewing Machine Tables, with Sewing Machines (Singer)

      Silver Plate - Trays, Bowls, Candle sticks, utensils and more

      Sterling, Utensils, Trays, Bowls, Candle sticks, and more

      Linens and Crochet, Vintage collectible to current.

      Records, including Beatles

      Books, 100's including many from 1800's

      Leather Bound Bibles, 1830's

      Family illustrated 1800's Bible

      1961 Piano

      Indian Arrow Heads

      Silver Mint Coin Collections and Dimes

      Old Newspapers From Northridge Quake to much older

      Philco Antique Radio

      100's Bound Collection Base Ball cards

      Adler Type Writer

      3 Foot high sand timer

      Vintage Covered Cart Tray Warmer

      SLIDES- traveling slides in Trays


      Mid Century Pristine Dining room table and chairs

      Mid Century chairs

      Mid Century Hexagon End Table

      Vintage Glass and Brass Coffee Table

      Mid Century Bedside Tables and Dressers

      Cal King Bed fame and dresser set, mirrors

      Twin wood Head Board

      Mid Century Buffet table with doors and drawers

      Childs Corner desk set with drawer units

      Wood Bed frames and Head Boards

      Antique Wall Desk (Beautiful)

      Antique, Vintage and Newer Mirrors

      Pristine Newer Dining Table and Chairs

      Formica Table and 2 Chairs

      Mid Century End Tables

      1961 Howard Piano

      Newer Entertainment Center

      Snack tables

      Vintage Costume Jewelry (jewelry Available to be shown 30 minutes after sale starts)

       Some Fine Jewelry

      Men and Women Watches, Many!

      Kitchen (Full Kitchen)

      Pots and Pans, copper bottom



      Toaster Oven

      China and Glass Ware


      Place mats

      Coffee Maker

      Lots of Vintage Glass ware, wine, etc


      100's of books

      Cook books older to new

      Leather Bound Robert Louis Stevenson Collection

      Children Books

      Collector Books

      Encyclopedia (The Old Google)


      Various Old dolls 

      Vintage Clothes

      100's plus of Woman's Clothes

      Mens clothes, Large amount






      Vintage to Newer

      Table Lamps

      Beside Lamps

      Desk Lamps

      Vintage Hanging Lamps

      Antique Lamp

      Luggage and Bags

      Maytag Washer and Dryer

      Book Ends- Rock, Sculptured, Jars, 

      Vacuums - 

      Records- including a Beatles

      Outdoor Bar B Q

      Some Hand and Yard Tools

      Vintage Box TVs

      Vintage and Older Cameras and Video

      Asian Male and Female Marionettes, (Old)

      Childs Vintage Microscope


      Business supplies, paper, envelopes, note books, pens etc 


      Some Lawn Furniture

      Planting Pots

      Lawn Tools and Items

      Christmas Decorations

      Decor Pillows

      Vintage Golf Clubs and Cases


      Vintage Stereo Equipment, Record Player

      Rugs- Various rugs including 2 Navajo rugs 

      Lots of Christmas Decor



      Bath and Kitchen Towels